Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Westminster International School in Tashkent opens on 16th September 2019.

School hours for all ages are 8.45-15.30 .

After-school clubs and activities (running from 15.30-17.00) will begin from Monday 21st October, following the half-term holiday.

The school’s term dates, showing when the school is open and on holiday, can be viewed at the link:

WIST 2019-20 School Calendar

Teaching Staff in the Upper Secondary

The Upper-Secondary is led by a highly-qualified British, experienced in the UK and in first-rate international schools around the world.

Our Mainstream Classes are led by qualified, native English-speaking expatriate Class Teachers supported by host-country Teaching Assistants.

Our Accelerated English Classes are led by excellent host-country Class Teachers supported by local and native English-speaking Teaching Assistants. Local Class teachers possess an innate knowledge and understanding of local children that make them the correct choice as the leaders of the AE classes; their partnership with native English-speaking Teaching Assistant creates an effective teaching team that will ensure progress not only in the acquisition of English but across the curriculum.

Our expatriate Class Teachers are highly trained and carefully selected, they hold all of the qualifications, certificates and background checks required to teach in any school programme classes in the UK or internationally.

The School online app

The School Online app provides our parents with frequent, high quality updates on everything from school trips and events to children’s grades and photos of the children’s learning; this can be installed on smart devices such as mobile phones or tablets and is also accessible on laptops and desktop computers.

The School Online also enables parents to access data about their children’s attendance and punctuality, view and print termly written reports on their progress, view their grades and even write messages to the teaching team and operations staff.

We invite parents for a formal meeting to discuss their children’s progress on three occasions during the academic year but in reality, provided that reasonable notice is given, teachers are available to make an appointment to meet you on most school days; we only ask that you book these meetings in advance and inform the staff concerned of the reason for the meeting in order for them to be properly prepared.

Written students reports are issued three times per year for children in the Upper-Secondary(8-9 classes) and Advanced (10-11 classes) school, which can be accessed and printed from the School Online app.

In addition to the channels of communication listed above, parents and carers (nannies, relatives, other responsible adults) are encouraged to drop-off and collect children in the morning and afternoon; this provides a valuable informal opportunity to pass quick verbal messages to teachers.

At Westminster International School in Tashkent we believe that all students should be smartly dressed and ready to learn; therefore wearing school uniform is compulsory. The attractive uniform design is classic in appearance, based on the colours navy blue and grey, with purple trim and details; it is manufactured from high-quality, durable materials suited to the seasons in Tashkent Our winter and summer uniform can be purchased at our on-site uniform shop, which we keep well-stocked at all times.

Yes, but we do not recommend it. Demand for one of the few places on our A-level course is highly competitive and every year we find ourselves refusing excellent applicants.

Yet it is not only a matter of competition for places. We are also very hesitant about the value of spending only the last two hectic and academically demanding years at our School. And we are not the only ones to think like this: younger siblings of those accepted in Class 11 always apply to join us earlier.

The Upper-Secondary class (for 14-15 years) has up to 20 children with one Teaching Assistants; the ratio of pupil to teaching staff is 10:1.

The A-level class (for 16-17 years) has up to 20 children supported by one Class Teacher and one Teaching Assistant; the ratio of pupil to teaching staff is 10:1. NB: The above ratios do not include the numerous additional shared teaching and academic management staff who lead and support a variety of lessons.

A general note about class numbers and children:adult ratios

Please note that while the limits on class numbers are flexible, the ratios of children:adults are fixed (inflexible); if we enrol additional children in a class that has an upper limit of 20, for example growing the number to 22, we will add additional teaching staff to ensure that ratios are observed.