As a school with strong arts and service programmes, our approach to education is holistic, but academic expectations and success lie at the heart of what we do. We insist on high standards, backed up by up-to-date teaching methods underpinned by traditional rigour, and above all, bilingual and bicultural programmes.


Our curriculum is international with the breadth and depth characteristic of the strongest national and international programmes and a strong emphasis on languages.

A full Rosey education is split into four different stages: the Juniors, the Cadets, the Jeunes Seniors and the Seniors.

Languages, Bilingualism and Biculturalism

Both English and Russian have been the languages of instruction at our school, now combined in a bilingual system, providing all students the chance to learn in both.

Russian or English is chosen as the main language of instruction and study the majority of subjects in this language.

Russian and English classes are provided in a way that challenges all: language and literature for the most advanced, and foreign language classes for those with levels ranging from beginner to a good command of the language.

As soon as they are able, students study at least one subject in another language. All students are advised individually on their choices. Students taking a fully bilingual programme receive both National Attestat and International Diploma at the end of their studies.