What is the profile of a future student at Cambridge International School?

Intellectual ability

All candidates must be capable of keeping up with the requirements of the programmes needed to sit the French or International Baccalaureates.

Linguistic ability in English or Russian

To be admitted to the Primary (aged 7-10), knowledge of working languages is not vital; from the Lower Secondary (aged 12) upwards, it is important to understand the two languages; from Upper-Secondary (14 years) on, students must master English language.

Character and values

At Cambridge International School-Uzbekistan, it is very important that the values identified in the Codes are shared by the candidate and their family. The School favours active, curious and ambitious candidates.

Some candidates, however, may not be admitted to the School for the following reasons:

• While teachers, tutors and specialists help students overcome minor or temporary learning differences, the School is not suited to children with a severe learning disability.

• Violent, antisocial or racist attitudes. Life at Cambridge International School-Uzbekistan is based on a commitment to discipline founded on respect for others and their differences.

• Spoiled children used to always getting their way. Life and discipline at Cambridge International School-Uzbekistan are demanding and the change would be difficult!

• Any evidence of drug or alcohol use.